Vocal Coach vs. Voice Instruction

A Vocal Coach is generally hired to help a singer or vocalist learn a specific style. For instance if the singer has sung country music all their life and they want to transfer over to a more pop style. Or if a singer would like to explore more difficult areas of the current vocal style they sing such as gospel / pop vocal runs. Vocal Coaching is great for showing a singer how to improve what they currently are doing and also highlight any song to showcase your vocal range and vocal qualities. Vocal coaching is also wonderful if you are preparing for an audition, a performance or a recording project. It helps to have a trained musician critique and highlight your best vocals.

Voice Lessons on the other hand are necessary to help a singer improve their singing technique. If a singer is having problems singing high notes or low notes, belting or singing out loud voice lessons are a great way to improve singing technique. Even for singers who sing off key voice lessons can help train them to hear the pitch more accurately and present a better sound. A quality voice instructor will be well trained in vocal health, maintenance and also be versatile with many singing styles. Usually within your first voice lesson a voice instructor will give you vocal warm-ups to help  train your voice and your ear. Over a period of lessons you will work with the voice instructor singing a variety of different styles and learning to use the appropriate muscles to help your singing voice improve.   By the way you may also here voice lessons referred to as: singing lessons, voice lessons, vocal training, or voice instruction they all practically mean the same thing which is “training the voice.”

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